The Unboxing Experience

Who doesn’t like to see the
delivery person with THE package
in their hands?
Even if we bought it ourselves!

The emotional connection with the customer begins the first second
they begin to open the package

  • Before, and while, opening the package the curiosity grows and
    the excitement rises!
  • The realization that “it’s mine” and that I am only a second
    away from developing a relationship or falling in love!
  • A perfect opening experience is engraved in the customer’s
    mind, and it is an integral and crucial part of a successful
    product experience!

The emotional connection to the brand

Our company has developed a special patent-
pending scented insert, made from a proprietary
blend of polymers and designed to be inserted
into the package.
When opening the package, the nose detects a
pleasant scent that allows the product to
communicate with the consumer, giving them a
more positive experience!

What the Nose Knows
 The sense of smell affects the most elements in our lives from
culinary preferences to choosing a partner
 The effect that the sense of smell has on the way we perceive
things, and in general the way we experience the world around
us, can be harnessed, relatively easily, to empower your brand
 A pleasant scent that rises with the opening of the package
upgrades the opening experience, increases the initial
impression and the perceived quality of the product
 In human culture, aesthetics and good smell are associated with quality – It is true for
shampoos and humans alike!
 A pleasant aroma that is released upon opening the package
allows the product to communicate immediately and
emotionally with the consumer and gives them an
unforgettable experience
 Connecting through smell, drive product liking, purchase
decisions and brand loyalty. Pleasant aroma allows the product
to communicate with the consumer giving them a more
positive experience 

6 reasons why it is so good…

 The most effective way to empower the first impression
experienced when opening your package!
 Enhance the perceived value of your product.
 A product that smells better is perceived as higher quality!
 Increase the memorability of your brand name.
 Establish an emotional connection with your brand. 5.
Receive great positive reviews on social media.
 As a result of the above, increased repurchasing, positioning
and differentiation!
The Pleasant aroma released upon opening allows the product to
communicate with the consumer, giving them a more positive,
pleasant experience.
It’s not magic – It’s pure science!!!

Technical Details
 Suitable for all types of packaging, including jewelry boxes, shoe boxes, fashion
products, gifts and dietary supplements
 The Scented insert can be produced in any size, color and shape
 We can Design your own Signature Scent
 In-stock cogwheel shape
 Diameter: 25mm Thickness: 5 mm 

Although we would like to, we cannot convey a scent through a printed text.

We will be more than happy to provide samples

After trying them, you will understand the difference!

Small Size, Big Impact
For further information please contact us