The Power of Aroma

Out of the five senses, the sense of smell is considered the most influential on emotions, imagination, memory and dreams. Smells stimulate the brain directly and set off a chain reaction that can lead to action in your favor – when you smell, you feel!

As much as malodors and foul smell can quickly turn our positive emotion into a negative one pleasant smell can help you to enforce a brand’s appeal or a product’s efficacy – product that smells good are being perceived as working better!


Common Scents is a pioneering Scent Solutions company that designs, develops and manufactures scented products and scented technologies.
We help brands become more competitive by exploring the use of smell that can be applied in various customers touch points in enhancing the sensorial experience in their business environment.

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Why us?

One of the great parts about working at Common-Scents is the drive, hope, and ambition we bring to work every day!
As the leading company in our field, we hold extensive knowledge, connections, and expertise that help us to overcome the challenges that can seem insurmountable!
We work tirelessly with our customers and partners to create innovative solutions that not only serves an important market need, but that also profoundly changes the world for the better!
At Common Scents, we pride ourselves on being an innovative company that creates products with global reach and impact!