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“81% of consumers would choose a product they could smell and see over one they can only see”
 (New York Times)

Sensory Marketing

One of the most intriguing marketing methods that has been used increasingly throughout the years is sensory marketing.
Sensory marketing is the techniques that are used to reach your customer’s senses and influence their behavior based on how your brand and tactics make them feel.
This technique can not only help to enhance a company’s brand, but it can create such a rich customer experience that when the experience lacks these aspects, customers perceive the product in a completely different way. By controlling and crafting this interactive experience, companies are able to better differentiate their products from competitors’ products by making a lasting impression.

Scent Marketing

Most companies base their corporate identity on experience conveyed by the sense of sight (their logo, advertising sponsorships and furnishings) or sound (background music in shops or television advertising jingles) though the emotions evoked by an aroma can be decisive when it’s time to make a purchase.
Smell is one of our most influential senses, and is the sense most directly connected to the limbic system, the emotional center of the brain which is closely connected to structures of the brain that influence behavior, mood and memory.
As a result, we’re more likely to remember something we smell over something that engages any of our other senses, including sight!
According to the New York Times, “81% of consumers would choose a product they could smell and see over one they can only see.” Additionally, because of its link to memory, smell can easily trigger positive emotions and feelings.
By using scent, brands are able to connect with consumers on a deeper emotional level, establishing strong emotional connections.

Signature scent

Companies have learned that they can associate a specific aroma with the values that their brand tries to project.
It is more than just using a pleasant aroma. It is the art of taking a company’s brand identity, marketing messages, target audience and creating a scent that becomes part of the company’s brand identity.
Common Scents provide consultation services to corporations who want to integrate Scent as a marketing tool into their overall strategy.

Utilizing our Scent Marketing expertise we enable corporates to break through the visual and auditory overload, becoming more competitive by exploring the use of smell that can be applied at various customer touch points.

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