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Isaac Lavi is a multidisciplinary olfactory expert and a forerunner in the use of scent as an integral element of daily products.

He is the founder and CEO of “The Right Cup” and “Common Scents”.
As an executive with a diversified academic and professional background, Isaac has gained global background & corporate management experience; Isaac lived in Hong Kong for 3 years and currently resides in Israel; Isaac studied in Germany and the US; and has been exposed to multiple diverse consumer behaviors and business cultures from around the world

As THE premier brand olfactory expert, Isaac is advising multi-national corporations on how to leverage the most powerful and emotional sense, smell, in new and innovative ways, to deliver brand-enriching experiences and to cultivate enhanced consumer loyalty.

Isaac has been featured in Time Magazine, Entrepreneur, People, Fox News and numerous other publications and television programs worldwide.

Isaac is an active lecturer who has given many presentations on this exciting new technology at numerous technology and marketing events.

In his signature lecture, “What The Nose Knows”, Isaac infuses his audience with his vision, enthusiasm, energy and excitement! Isaac will present brand examples, theories and groundbreaking research about the most powerful sense – the sense of smell!

His favorite scent: sea shore.

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