Masterbatch Production


“As much as malodors and foul smell can quickly turn our positive emotion into a negative one pleasant smell can help you to strengthen a brand’s appeal and product’s efficacy”

Scented plastic products are obtained by extrusion or injection molding of fragrant additives that are pre-impregnated into a polymeric matrix in a pellet form also known as a masterbatch or concentrates. These fragrant additives have to survive the heat and pressure they are exposed to during production, thus a proprietary carrier resin formulation was engineered and designed by Common Scents to preserve the volatile components during the plastic processing to ensure long-lasting aroma release. Our proprietary polymer matrix formulations are developed for their ability to work optimally with select base resin systems, allowing for top fragrance performance in the finished product. Our concentrates are compatible with a resin such as LDPE, HDPE, EVA, PP, Elastomers, Rubber materials, and other standard and specialty resins.
Common Scents can provides tailor-made masterbatches ready to be extruded or injected in a normal plastic processing environment that guarantees easy processing, high fragrance impregnation, and a slow, fragrant release.

Our concentrate can be used in any common plastic processing operation – film extrusion, blown film, injection molding, blow molding, form extrusion, and others.

Benefits include:

•High fragrance loadings in proprietary polymer carriers
•Minimal heat exposure in manufacturing to prevent odor shifts caused by heat exposure and to assure preservation of low         flash-point aromatic components
•Custom product tailoring to meet exact customer needs
•Expert formulation methodology
•Creation of new carrier systems for customer-specific applications

Tailor-made small quantities are also welcomed.

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